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About Us

Electronics Recycling Service, Inc. (DBA Green E-Waste Recycling Center) is a California State Approved (CEW ID: 109503), EPA compliant and DTSC (Department of Toxic and Substances Control) registered full service electronic waste recycling company.

Established in 2005 by industry veterans, Green E-Waste Recycling Center provides cost effective recycling solutions for all end-of-life electronics and computer equipment. Our goal is to provide our customers with convenient and streamlined pickup & drop off services that are free, fast and simple. Since its start, every year we have divert 10 million pounds of e-waste and metal scrap from landfills.

We reduce and reuse before recycle. Our primary goal is to refurbish, repair and reuse as much as possible for the electronics and computers we collect.

We believe in the strength of community and work closely with schools and other non-profit organizations to help raise funds through e-waste collection events. We share 50% of the revenue generated from all e-waste collected.

Obsolete and broken equipment are broken down and sold to various local recycling companies. For example, our metals and wires are sold to SIMS Metals and Alco Iron & Metal. Our PCBs or circuit boards are refined for precious metals at Glencore & ECS Refining. The CRT materials such as monitors and televisions that we collect are transferred to California State Certified Recyclers that disassemble and process the lead and mercury from the glass. Printers and breakages are shredded for recovering plastic and metal after the toners are removed. Just about all the raw materials are sold to large manufacturers.

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