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Customers with 20+ qualifying items, please contact us directly with details. These terms might not apply. We will tailor out a "Wholesale" solution for you.

We offer free pickup services for businesses, schools, non-profit organization and government agencies that have at least five qualifying items.

5 Qualifying Items for a FREE Pickup and Data Destruction

  • Computer desktop
  • Monitor
  • Laptop
  • Enterprise Networking Equipment
  • Server

Non Qualifying Items (Free pickup & Disposal after recycling 5 qualifying items, Limitations May Apply)

  • Wires/Cables, Adapters, Chargers
  • Computer parts including Power Supplies, CPU, Memory, Hard Drives, Printed Circuit Board, Components, IC Chips, Connectors
  • Modems, Routers, Telecom Equipment, Test Equipment, Industrial Equipment
  • Cell Phones, Home and Office Telephones, iPhones, Smartphones
  • UPS Battery, APC, Ballasts, Lead Acid Batteries
  • Docking Stations, Notebooks, Kindles, iPads, Tablets
  • Game Consoles, DVR, VCR, DVD, Audio Equipment, Projectors, Conferencing Equipment, Security Equipment, Cameras
  • CRT Televisions, LCD TVs, Plasma TVs under 100 lbs
  • Computer peripherals including keyboards, mouse

Non Qualifying Items (Pickup & Disposal with Fees, but 1st 5 units/boxes are FREE of Charge)

  • Bankers Box of small electronics (filled with cartridges, tapes, CDs, speakers, small appliances, shredder, etc.) $10 per banker box
  • Desktop Printer/ Fax Machine (under 100 lbs), $10 each

Additional Fee Services

  • Dismantle Hard Drive from Computer and Physical Destruction/Erasure ($5 each)
  • Floor Standing Copiers -$80 per unit
  • Certified Tape Destruction -$3 per unit
  • Coolers and Small Fridges -$40 per unit
  • Oversized Items (server racks, smart boards, large TVs) -$80 per unit

We will match any internet prices in the whole Bay Area!

We will waive the fees for you if the total fee is less than $20.


  • Fluorescent light tubes – $3 per pound
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs – $6 per pound
  • Alkaline household batteries – $3 per pound

Our driver will bring portable scale and credit card terminal with the truck. Minimum charge for pickup of these items is $50. Per U.S. Department of Traffic regulations, light tubes and bulbs must be packaged in sealed boxes. Batteries must be packaged in sturdy sealed container.

Items NOT accepted

We currently do not pick up large appliances, refrigerators, washer or dryers, furniture, hazardous materials.

Why choose us?

  1. Our highly secured and structured recycling processes allow us to protect your data with our integrated security & tracking system.
  2. We can scan and log any item containing media storage devices (hard drives, LTO Tapes, and USB) into our tracking system before we pick them up.
  3. All items with media storage devices will be stored in sealed containers which are locked in box trucks that have a 24/7 GPS tracking system installed.
  4. The entire dismantling & destruction process is under 24-hour surveillance & video recorded.
  5. We can issue you certificate of recycling and certificate of destruction after your items are recycled.
  6. As our client, you are fully insured and covered by our comprehensive insurance, including but not limited to General Liability, Workers' Compensation & Auto Liability.
  7. We're reliable and punctual: We keep our appointments and will always call you 15 - 30 minutes before arrival.
  8. We follow a Zero-Land fill policy to ensure that all E-Waste is 100% recycled according to state and federal regulations. We process our Covered Electronic Waste (CEW) at an e stewards certified facility. All processing is done in California.
  9. We care: we strive for your 100% satisfaction; our team members are friendly & courteous at all times.