3 Steps to Server Recycling: Your Silicon Valley Recycling Center Guide

Office workers placing old electronics into a recycling bin to show how easy Electronic Waste Recycling can be for your business, school, non-profit, or government agency.

As old electronics begin to pile up, it can become more difficult to dispose of them properly.

Now that the many harmful effects of electronics in landfills have become known, Server recycling is the only responsible and viable option.

Thankfully, with this demand, a number of convenient recycling methods have followed.

Whether you’re looking for a small electronic or large server recycling system, there are programs and different options available.

In this article, we will outline some helpful tips for server recycling and why it’s important to do so.

E-Waste: What Is It and Why Should I Recycle It?

Electronic waste is one of the most harmful and far-reaching environmental issues society faces today.  Many countries all over the world are struggling to reduce the number of unsafe e-waste disposal methods and processing by boosting more sustainable programs and options for e-waste recycling and recovery.

E-waste includes various forms of electronic waste such as old and broken computers, keyboards, printers, appliances, and projectors.

Landfills with e-waste poses harmful threats to human health and the environment due to the lead, nickel, and cadmium substances that leach into the water system and soils. Recycling e-waste keeps harmful substances out of our environment.

3 Steps to E-Waste and Server Recycling at Your Workplace

Now that we have a better idea of what e-waste is and why it’s important to keep it out of our landfills, it’s time to learn the steps to recycling your electronic waste.

In terms of IT departments and server recycling, what’s annoying about the process is the slow trickle of equipment pile-up.

Broken equipment can show up in bits and pieces, and when this happens, especially with smaller electronic items such as keyboards or mice, there’s always a voice in the back of your head that says, “Just chuck ‘em in the garbage…no one will notice.”

However, as these items pile up in your offices, they also pile up in landfills, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

There’s another option that’s just as easy as throwing these items into the general garbage — and that’s also easier on your conscience and the environment. Whether you’re in charge of the technical department at your office or place of work, this system will ensure you get the garbage out and keep our planet clean.

Step 1

Find some space in a storeroom where the electronic items can be kept, assembled and easily picked up. Make sure that this disposal system is known throughout the office or place of work. Make a sign for the door and ensure it’s an easily accessible area for coworkers and recycling center members to come in and out of.

Step 2

Erase all information and back up data from the electronics before organizing and storing them in your e-waste storeroom. While professional e-waste recycling centers will do this for you, it’s always beneficial to do it yourself to be extra safe and for ease of mind.

Step 3

Collaborate with a green e-waste recycling center!

Whether you’re looking for e-waste recycling in Sunnyvale or electronic recycling in San Jose, Green E-Waste Recycling Center provides a convenient drop-off location in Milpitas for both residents and businesses in the area.

Green E-Waste Recycling Center also offers a free pick-up service for any business, school, nonprofit organization, or government agency that has at least five e-waste items in the Silicon Valley.

IT Recycling Steps: Final Thoughts

By following any of these steps, you’ll be giving the environment a leg up in the long process of restoring itself from pollution-induced damage. Want to know how to become an eco-hero and responsible business citizen?

You got it: recycle!

To make the process of becoming an eco-hero even easier, head on over to Green E-Waste Recycling Center to check for a drop-off location near you.