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Recycled Hard Drives are Securely Wiped or Destroyed per US Department Of Defense Standards

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Don't leave your personal or business information on recycled electronics. Trust GREEN EWASTE RECYCLING TO PROTECT YOUR DATA

To eliminate the risks of attempts to reuse or recover data from corporate computers and devices, Green e-waste recycling can physically destroy hard drives, cell phones, PDAs, tablets, tapes, flash memory, RAM, ROM, integrated circuits, DVDs, CDs and computer equipment. 

A pile of old computer hard drives which contain personal or business data that Green Ewaste Recycling Center can securely delete or physically destroy with Data Destruction

Our custom built automatic wiping system utilizes a secure erase process which supports all erasure methods used and recommended, meeting the following requirements of HIPPA, FACTA, GLB and Sarbanes Oxley.

The latest version of our cloud based ERP software is designed to meet the most complex and security driven customer requirements. All details of the erased devices such as serial numbers, asset tags, part numbers, are reviewable by clients 24/7 by accessing our web based ERP system.

Upon completion of the process, a certificate of data destruction is issued. Customers can request this service by clicking on the “Certificate of Data Destruction” selection box on the pickup request form.

We also offer Onsite data destruction services for an additional charge. Please call or email for pricing. 

Secure ewaste Recycling protects your data from pickup to electronics dismantling

  1. Our highly secured and structured recycling processes allow us to protect your data with our integrated security & tracking system.
  2. We can scan and log any item containing media storage devices (hard drives, LTO Tapes, and USB) into our tracking system before we pick them up.
  3. All items with media storage devices will be stored in sealed containers which are locked in box trucks that have a 24/7 GPS tracking system installed.
  4. The entire dismantling & destruction process is under 24-hour surveillance & video recorded.
  5. We can issue you certificate of recycling and certificate of destruction after your items are recycled.
  6. As our client, you are fully insured and covered by our comprehensive insurance, including but not limited to General Liability, Workers’ Compensation & Auto Liability.
  7. We’re reliable and punctual: We keep our appointments and will always call you 15 – 30 minutes before arrival.
  8. We follow a Zero-Land fill policy to ensure that all E-Waste is 100% recycled according to state and federal regulations. We process our Covered Electronic Waste (CEW) at an e stewards certified facility. All processing is done in California.
  9. We care: we strive for your 100% satisfaction; our team members are friendly & courteous at all times.

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Since 2005, we've worked with over 10,000 businesses located in the Silicon Valley to recycle their electronic waste responsibly.

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We keep our appointments and call 15 - 30 minutes before arrival

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All E-Waste is 100% recycled based on state and federal regulations

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Secure Data Destruction

Our secure and structured recycling process allow us to protect your data

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