Recycling the Equipment at Your Data Center: What You Need to Know

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The data center industry is currently undergoing massive changes.

And because data centers typically use large amounts of electricity to run their services, an increasingly important issue among data centers is to make sure their energy usage is as efficient as possible.

Conserving energy is not only environment friendly but saves data centers money by not using as much electricity, and that’s a win-win.

But data centers have only recently started to change – with only 8 percent of data centers projected to be powered by green energy by 2020. Some of you who own data centers are probably not as up­–to–date with your technology as you need to be to catch the wave.

As you upgrade to better technology, you will need to think about data center recycling.

Properly Recycling Your Old Electronics

Data center recycling will be an important step when upgrading any outdated technology you may have – or if you’re simply cleaning up shop.


Upgrading to new equipment and replacing the old will require decommissioning old computers, laptop recycling, disposing of computers, and server recycling, and you’re going to need to make sure that everything is being done properly in order to protect the information you have stored on them.

But security isn’t everything.

You will also want to know that your methods of electronic disposal meet modern-day environmental safety standards. This is because electronic waste has become a severe strain on the environment.

Here are all the factors that matter when recycling your data center electronics.

1. Security

As mentioned earlier, if you’re planning to dispose of the electronics at your data center, you will want a company that can ensure the sensitive materials held on your devices are safe from hackers.

Be sure to know what the place you choose does with your devices, and try to get confirmation on their security.

2. Reusing Electronics

To lessen the impact that electronic disposal has on the environment, it’s important to not only recycle but reuse when possible.

So, therefore, it’s important that the company you choose to recycle your data center electronics is one that does. This means refurbishing any broken computers or other electronics and reselling them back into the market.

3. Following the Law

Because e-waste has become such a damaging factor to the environment, it is now extremely regulated.

And that means you have more to think about when deciding where to go to dispose of your equipment from your data center. Not only that, but if you don’t properly dispose of sensitive material you may hold on those you serve, you could get slapped with other fines.

When choosing a place, you’re going to have to know whether or not the organization you choose is in compliance with local regulations.

Choose a Place with All of the Above

When you’re looking for a company to recycle your data center electronics, make sure they do all of the things listed above.

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